Unique, this is the right word to describe this marvel of an airsoft pistol, one 1911 VX-14 Requiem Edition by Vorsk in silver color and complete with silencer, aesthetically a unique ASG with a strong impact, let’s see how it is made.

Let’s start with the box Vorsk has accustomed us to high-level packaging and on this one 1911 VX-14 Requiem Edition it certainly could not be outdone, and in fact it is not, on the contrary, it seems to be doing the unboxing of a jewel. The box is made of sturdy white silk-screened cardboard with very fine gold logos and writings. Opening the box you can see that nothing is left to chance, the instruction booklet has a special place on the inside of the lid (“book” type opening) and also the white patch with writing REQUIEM is fixed in a special space. In a perfect packing (we believe it is high-density white polyurethane and fully shaped) we find the replica 1911 VX-14 Requiem Editionjust below the screw-in silencer, then the mechanical elements for converting from operation to gas at operation a Co2 and further down the beautiful charger made of metal which is black with a white base (the visible part once inserted).

Before leaving room for misunderstandings, let’s immediately say that we are talking about the article code VGP-02-84 and that the link of the airsoft online shop to order this Vorsk gun is the following

Let’s go back to ours replica for airsoft. In terms of length, based on whether or not the silencer is mounted, it goes from 223 mm to 342 mm, the body of this pistol is silver in color with the exception of the non-slip grips on the handle which are white here (with an effective and beautiful V-shaped undulation), as well as the lower part of the magazine. This airsoft gun has effect blowback so it’s you type blowbackis made entirely of metal and bears the inscription REQUIEM on the left side of the trolley while on the right side, in small size, some codes are imprinted. The magazine release lever is on the left side as is the slide release lever, the safety is ambidextrous. On the safety we must add that it is double because if you don’t press even one area of ​​the rear grip of the weapon, it is not possible to fire the shot. Even the trigger is made of metal and has a protection against involuntary activations, the whole construction speaks for itself: it is a high end airsoft guna perfect choice for the most demanding softgunners in this 2023 but also for i collectors. It really is a beautiful reproduction.

The gun is equipped with sights with fiber optic elements, very effective in use, under the barrel we find a standard slide for mounting accessories such as lasers or LED torches, all accessories that you can always find on the link of the same airsoft online store. It is a voluminous pistol, with a lot of impact especially when the suppressor is mounted which – among other things – helps to slightly increase the power of this ASG. Shoots in single shot mode – safe through a barrel that varies in length from 113mm without suppressor ai 231mm with suppressor fitted. The inner diameter of the barrel is 6.03mm. Of course it has a system adjustable hop-upinevitable on an airsoft gun of this level, mounts a threaded barrel and as mentioned it can work both with green gas and with Co2 using the components present in the kit of this beautiful pistol.

We also remind you today that usually the Co2 operation guarantees greater performance and makes the gun completely usable even in winter with very low temperatures, the green gas operation, due to the Boyle effect, means that the best performance is only obtained with spring and summer ambient temperatures, but here too a clarification must be made, if you use high performance green gas you can have excellent power and successfully use the gun even in winter, below we indicate some examples of excellent and performing green gas refills .

The package of this 1911 VX-14 Requiem Edition by Vorsk includes:

  • VX-14 pistol replica
  • STD gas magazine black color VGM-02-01
  • Barrel extender and suppressor
  • LP gas nozzle (for extension kit)
  • Co2 conversion kit (nozzle + spring)
  • Instruction manual
  • Exploded parts diagram
  • Vorsk PVC patch

Compatible magazines for the 1911 VX-14 Requiem Edition by Vorsk pistol

  • VGM-02-01 – BLACK – 23R Hi-Capa Gas Magazine
  • VGM-02-02 – BLACK – 23R Hi-Capa CO2 Magazine
  • VGM-02-04 – BLACK – 48R Extended Gas Magazine

In general (for all green gas airsoft guns) if you want maximum performance, here are some high-level airsoft gas refills:

  • Green gas for airsoft 150 PSI 560 ml Elite Force by Umarex
  • Green gas for airsoft 130 PSI 600 ml Elite Force by Umarex
  • Green gas for Super High Performance airsoft with lubricant 600 ml by FL-AIRSOFT
  • Green gas for airsoft 130 PSI with silicone 760 ml C30 by SWISS ARMS
  • Green gas for airsoft 150 PSI with silicone 760 ml C30 by SWISS ARMS
  • Green gas for extreme performance airsoft 3.0 1000 ml by WE
  • Ultra Extreme Performance Airsoft Green Gas 4.0 1000ml by Nuprol
  • Green gas for extreme performance airsoft 3.0 1000 ml by Nuprol
  • Green gas refill cylinder for high performance airsoft 750 ml by DIABLO

In conclusion

We have introduced you to one high end airsoft gun and with a unique aesthetic and impact, if you are looking for a gun that can be used both for playing airsoft and for collectingthis may be for you. It can be a smart choice in scope too cinematic and in theater. It can also be a great idea for a gift special. Technically it is a very well built, massive, full metal and with a blowback effect, it is also powerful and very flexible since you can convert it as you like to run on green gas or Co2. In any case you will have a unique ASG, with a strong aesthetic impact, with a very realistic operation thanks to the full metal construction, the medium-high mass and the blow-back effect.

Here’s where to find it and its article code, at the time of writing, on the airsoft online store it is also available in another color!

Item number VGP-02-84 and that the link of the airsoft online shop to be able to order this gun Vorsk is the following

Have fun and Remember to always protect your eyes with special ballistic goggles when playing airsoft!

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