Today we are talking about a “long” softgun, or rather a beautiful one Co2 powered rifle with very, very interesting features. It’s about a replica of the famous and well known Mauser 89K, a classic that for some represents the standard of the “Bolt action”, a weapon used in the Second World War. This replica has a very accurate execution and belongs to the airsoft rifles with full-metal mechanics and real wood body!

Mechanically it has adjustable metal sights, metal cocking lever, metal trigger and trigger guard, mode of action Bolt Action with case ejection as in the real weapon from which it derives, system adjustable type hop-up, magazine capacity 9 rounds. As said, this Co2 airsoft rifle model G980 K98 it has a body made of beautiful (real) wood while all the internal parts are made entirely of metal for great reliability and great operating precision. The power system includes the Co2. Among the manufacturer’s notes reads: “The G980, instead of using a classic gas magazine, chambers the pellets thanks to 5 8mm shells that fit into the rifle with a metal clip, just like in real life!

It immediately catches the eye that it is a superior ASG, aesthetically it immediately appears very well made with high-level finishes and a very slender and clean line. This G980 K98 metal and real wood by G&G has a length of 1072mm with a mass (important) of 3715 grams which makes it very realistic. The inner barrel has a length of ben 577mm which helps deliver performance and accuracy on this rifle. This Co2 rifle fires single-shot with bolt-action loading and is magazine compatible G980 GAS.

We remind you that this shotgun has an adjustable hop-up system, we recommend trying different types of 6 mm pellets (for example with a mass between 0.20 grams and 0.30 grams) by adjusting the hop-up system for maximum precision. This rifle is not only suitable for airsoft or military simulations, it is also suitable for target shootingto the collecting and to the settings in movie or theaterthis thanks to the faithful reproduction and the aforementioned construction quality provided by the brand G&G.

Find this Co2 airsoft rifle model G980 K98 metal and real wood by G&G here

Its article code on the online airsoft shop is GG-G980 CO2

G&G manufacturer code: GSS-98E-GAS-WNB-NCM

The packaging of this rifle includes:

  • Replica G&G G980 SE Bolt Action
  • 2 x 9-round magazines
  • Leather carrying strap

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