When they ask us for advice on which airsoft gun to buy, we first ask for the budget and also the main type of use in the airsoft (primary weapon, secondary weapon, collector’s weapon, target shooting weapon, etc.) after which we try to give some advice by focusing on branded and quality products. It all depends on your tastes.

Today we respond to a request that has come more than once, or which airsoft gun to buy with a budget of 100 euros and that it has good power as well as being beautiful and well built (the last two are things that practically everyone wants) and we came up with a softgun that has been sold and appreciated several times and that certainly meets all these requirements.

It’s about a replies well done of 92A1 Beretta produced by HFCs and running a Co2. If you read to us regularly you may already have guessed that being powered by pressurized carbon dioxide (with the classic 12 gram capsules) it will have good power and in fact it is. It has a beautiful aesthetic with a length of about 200 mm and a very credible weight, its mass stands at just over a kg. Being made of metal, it also offers a certain realism to the touch, moreover it has a blowback which allows a blowback effect. We therefore have an important mass, execution and full-metal and blowback effect, one of the most realistic airsoft guns to use.

Aesthetically it is well finished, has non-slip texture on the handle and is black in color. Mechanically we have a hop-up system, a removable magazine from 26 rounds with seat for screwing the capsule Co2 under pressure and shoots the classic 6 mm diameter airsoft pellets in single shot in semi-automatic mode. Under the barrel it also has a standard slide for mounting accessories such as lasers or LED flashlights. At the time of writing, the pistol is supplied with a nice ABS case and a pack of about 100 6 mm pellets with a mass of 0.20 grams.

This Beretta 92A1 Co2 it is powerful and well built, a certainly interesting choice that falls within the budget of 100 euros, its article code is CO 199B find it here on this airsoft online shop.

Remember to always wear ballistic goggles when you play airsoft and expect other players to wear them, otherwise, have fun!

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