The AK 47 is an automatic assault rifle designed in the Soviet Union and equipped with a fire selector. It works with gas with 7.62×39 mm bullets. This weapon, whose replica is used in Airsoft, was designed by Mikhail Timofeeevich Kalashnikov towards the end of the Second World War to replace the PPS series of submachine guns. However, its potential proved to be greater and the ease of use made it the most popular firearm in the world.

What are the advantages of the Kalashnikov

Between main advantages of the Kalashnikov there are operational reliability since it does not jam and it is a rifle suitable for any occasion and weather condition. Its structure resists water, snow, mud and dust and the few components guarantee the Kalashnikov maximum reliability compared to other assault rifles.

Barrel, piston, chamber and gas cylinder are chrome plated and bonded with steel to extend the life of this rifle, which is twice that of western assault rifle barrels. The metal also resists corrosion.

Kalashnikov AK 47 – perfect for Airsoft

In addition to being one of the most popular assault rifles in the world the Kalashnikov AK 47 is also appreciated by the Softgunner, who can find replicas of the most famous models suitable for Softair on specialized sites and shops. Definitely the Kalashnikov AK47 it is appreciated for the simplicity of the design, the great reliability and the ability to last over time.

For this the Kalashnikov AK 47 series is proposed by best sites of weapons and equipment for Airsoft and all players love the high-level reproductions of this weapon which is offered by excellent brands such as.G. Works, Ares, Cybergun, G&G, Umarex, Cyma and many more.

The Kalashnikov AK 47 allows you to make a leap in quality compared to electric guns and have with you a weapon designed to always offer high-level performance. It’s all about choosing your favorite assault rifle to take to the field and win every Airsoft battle.

Where to buy the best Kalashnikov AK 47

Who owes buy the Kalashnikov AK 47 can turn to sites specialized in Softair where you can find weapons, clothing and accessories suitable for winning every battle. Among these is the assault rifle, suitable for any type of firefight.

Between Softgunner’s favorite model is Cyma’s Kalashnikov AK 47 proposed in black color and which has the following characteristics: it is a weapon that fires automatically with a single shot or burst for a shooting distance of 35-40 meters. The Kalashnikov AK 47 magazine is larger and has 200 rounds, while the battery is +700mAH and the charger is also found in the package.

The size of the submachine gun is 88 cm like the real model and it works with 6 mm pellets of all types, although 0.20 gram ceramic pellets are recommended. The package available online for amateur and professional Softair players includes a machine gun, +350mAh 7.2V battery, charger, 200 rounds magazine.

There are some accessories to best use the Kalashnikov AK 47 rifle such as the red and black flash hider, the barrel cleaner rod and the 0.20 gram pellets as well as the shoulder strap to move easily on the battlefield. The equipment supplied with the Kalashnikov AK 47 does not include protective glasses, which must be purchased separately, always online. At this point you just have to buy the Kalashnikov AK 47 airsoft replica at the best price and go to fight!

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