Today, however, we want to tell you in a nutshell, how to increase the burst speed of a shock gun. By burst rate, or burst frequency, we mean the number of pellets fired per minute in automatic mode, for example, just to “shoot” a number, 120 rounds per minute, 140 rounds per minute etc. On which internal components do we need to intervene to increase this performance? Now we tell you. The modifications required to obtain this result are different from those needed to increase the power output of the BBs, which we talked about in a previous article. Later, always in the next few days, we will also talk about how to increase both the firing power and the frequency of the burst, but now let’s go back to the modifications of our gun.

To increase the burst speed of a shock gun we must necessarily intervene on the gear-box and/or on the electric motor. We also see some cases today

If you want to increase the burst speed of a shock gun you will need to:

– reduce the gear-box reduction ratio (for example by going from a 15:1 ratio to a 13:1 or 12:1 ratio)

– replace the motor with one having the same rotation speed (for example 25,000 rpm) but with a higher torque


– replace only the motor with one having a higher rotation speed (for example from 35,000 rpm) and the same (or higher) torque, in this case it will not be necessary to act on the gear-box reduction ratio.

In both cases, probably it may be necessary to use a battery pack with a higher mAh capacity to compensate for the greater absorption of the electric motor. These are some quick pointers on how to increase the burst rate of your airsoft gun. The same considerations also apply to automatic electric guns for airsoft. To make the article simple, we do not explain here the mechanical and electrical reasons behind these indications but only the indications themselves.

These modifications do not affect the firing power of the pelletFor example, if your gun has a power of 0.6 joules, the power will remain the same but the gun will fire more pellets per minute. Check back in the coming days to find out more ways to process your ASG.

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