Up to now we have talked more about the replicas used in Airsoft, game tactics and the differences with some rather popular role-playing games in Italy.

A topic that we haven’t talked about yet and that we’re talking about today concerns equipment.

Let’s see the characteristics of those most used by Softair players.

tactical vest

The tactical vest is a gilet, rather simple and practical in its design. It is a comfortable model, which has more pockets but not excessive and which adapts well to different types of game.

tactical vest airsoft
tactical vest


Also known as Suspenders, it is worn like a backpack and has a belt to be fastened at the waist with a buckle. On the shoulders there is padding, aimed at ensuring the best distribution of the load. It has several more or less large pockets and sometimes a small pocket on the back.

airsoft loadbearing
Load Bearing

Chest Rig

The chest rig it is certainly very practical and widespread, fastens at shoulder height and the padding extends from the collarbone to the waist. Being at a height “within reach” all the pockets present are easy to use. It is therefore a tactic that allows you to carry an average weight to which you can add a backpack.

airsoft chest rig
Chest rig

Body armor

The body armor have spread as they incorporate the Plate Carriers used by the military of the various forces. They are rigid and robust tactics, heavier than the others but, at the same time, have a greater load capacity thanks to the wide modularity with which it is possible to configure the tactics.

airsoft plate carrier
Plate carrier

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