Between weapons for the softgunner can’t miss the machine gun and among the models proposed by Specna Arms there is the machine gun Minimum 249 Para in black. Let’s see the characteristics of the machine gun and the advantages of using this weapon in Softair combat.

Characteristics of the Minimi 249 Para machine gun

The machine gun for Softair Minimi 249 Para It is made of polymer and metal and features adjustable metal hop up and 8mm bearing bushings. The weapon has a quick change system of the ESA spring and extendable stock with a removable barrel with a button.

The 2500-round electric magazine fires automatically, with a single shot or in bursts and it is a weapon weighing 4970 grams and measuring from 790 to 920 mm. The pellets are 6 mm caliber with a weight of 0.20 grams and it is recommended to use ceramic ones.

Who buy the Minimi 249 Para machine gun conveniently online you get a package that includes, in addition to the weapon, the 2500-round electric magazine, the handle, the bipod and the instruction booklet.

Why use a machine gun in airsoft combat

Choosing the Minimi 249 Para machine gun means choosing an efficient and functional weapon with excellent performance on the battlefield. This submachine gun is appreciated by the amateur and professional Softgunner by many advantages which offers including:

  1. High rate of fire: Submachine guns usually have a very high rate of fire, meaning they can fire a large number of bullets in a short period of time. This can be useful in situations where rapid fire is needed to suppress the opponent or to engage multiple enemies at once.
  2. CQB (Close Quarters Battle): When fighting in confined spaces or in closed environments, such as buildings or mazes, a machine gun can be an effective choice. The high rate of fire and maneuverability can be advantageous in close combat situations.
  3. Agility: Submachine guns are often lighter and more compact than long-range rifles, making them easier to handle and transport. This agility can be useful in situations where you need to move quickly or change positions frequently.
  4. Realism: For some people, using a machine gun can add an element of realism to airsoft games, especially when trying to emulate military or police style combat situations.
  5. Variety of playing styles: Airsoft offers a variety of play styles, and some players prefer the “rush and gun” (aggressive approach) where the high rate of fire of a machine gun can be advantageous.
  6. Specialized roles: In some airsoft teams, players can fill specialized roles, such as the role of an assaulter or CQB operator, for which a machine gun is the ideal weapon.

The Airsoft weapons company SPECNA ARMS

The Minimi 249 Para submachine gun is made by the company specialized in the production of airsoft weapons SPECNA Arms and you can buy conveniently online at the best price to complete your amateur and professional Softgunner equipment.

SPECNA ARMS is famous for manufacturing high quality airsoft rifles and related accessories. Here is some key information about the company:

  1. Production of airsoft weapons: SPECNA ARMS specializes in the production of airsoft rifles, including assault rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles and other variants. These weapons are designed to look and function similar to real firearms, but fire harmless plastic pellets.
  2. Quality and details: SPECNA ARMS is known for its attention to detail and the quality of the weapons produced. The weapons often feature high-quality metal or polymer bodies and reliable internal components, making them popular among airsoft players around the world.

SPECNA ARMS has earned a good reputation in the airsoft industry for the quality of its weapons and their performance in the field. Buy your Minimi 249 Para Softair machine gun now.

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