There Airsoft Pistol Gas Revolver HEAVY Model Black it’s a green gas pistol true must have of every softgunner for unequaled realism and operating system that 100% replicates that of the original pistol of which it is the replica.

There green gas pistol for Softair it works with a propellant formed by a mixture of natural gas such as pentane and propane inserted in a can that is placed in the magazine of the weapon. These are powerful models which, combined with the good aim of the softgunner, lead to victory on the battlefield.

Types of gas pistols for Airsoft

Who buy a gas gun for Softair such as the Black HEAVY Model Airsoft Gas Revolver Pistol can choose between different types of weapons which include:

  • Gas pistol with fixed carriagewithout recoil and with great accuracy of the shot;
  • Blowback gas pistols very similar in operation to real weapons and recreate the recoil of real firearms;
  • Gas revolvers such as the Black HEAVY Model Airsoft Gas Revolver Pistol: this is the revolver or drum pistol that replicates one of the most famous models in history by combining power and shooting accuracy.

Characteristics of the gas revolver or handgun

There revolver or revolver or drum pistol it is a short-barreled weapon with a drum magazine that rotates around the longitudinal axis as the name suggests, which derives from the Latin revolvere or to revolt. Today there are many models of revolver and many manufacturers on the market and technically the different weapons are distinguished by:

  • Caliber: from the thin one or the 22 suitable for precision shooting to the 44 Magnum or the 9 mm of semi-automatic pistols;
  • Drums: very often they are equipped with 6 – 8 cartridges, but there are also more or less capacious particular weapons;
  • Cane: from the super short barrel suitable for concealing the weapon to the long barrel there really are several options to choose from;
  • Action: the revolver pistol works in single action or double action and based on this characteristic you can choose between a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol. We recall that attempts to produce burst-firing revolvers were made difficult by a whole series of technical problems, including the low capacity of the tank and for this reason they were abandoned.

Technical features of the HEAVY Model Black Gas Revolver Airsoft Pistol

There Airsoft Pistol Gas Revolver HEAVY Model Black it is a black revolver that runs on green gas. The materials of construction are ABS and metal for the barrel and internal parts of the weapon and the caliber is 6mm. The Airsoft Pistol Gas Revolver HEAVY Model Black is characterized by semi-automatic operation and the presence of adjustable hop up.

It is sold with a drum with 6 shells included in the package as well as 100 pellets of 0.20 grams perfect for the practice of Softair. As for size, the Airsoft Pistol Gas Revolver HEAVY Model Black weighs 700 grams and is 24 cm long.

Who is the HEAVY Model Black Gas Revolver Airsoft Gun suitable for?

The Airsoft Pistol Gas Revolver HEAVY Model Black with a shooting distance of 30-40 meters it is suitable for the softgunner who loves close combat and in battle faces the enemy at short distances. It is a weapon with excellent value for money and truly impeccable also in terms of aesthetics, which knows how to conquer not only Softair players, but also fans of replicas of historical weapons. Buy it online at the best price on sites specialized in weapons and Airsoft clothing!

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