There Beretta 92 it is the evolution of a historical weapon model and is characterized by an unmistakable style. This model provides four different configurations, the FS, G, D and DS and four different calibres.

Among these are:

• Model 92 in 9×19mm Parabellum

• Model 96 in .40 Smith & Wesson

• model 98 F and FS in 9×21mm IMI (where prohibited the 9×19mm Parabellum)

• Model 98 SB and 99 in 7.65×21mm Parabellum

Exclusive features of the Beretta F92 Airsoft pistol

There Beretta F92 is a airsoft pistol produced starting from 1984 and the model is also available in the 92SB version to which some modifications have been made:

  • Standardized weapon components to make them interchangeable with all Model 92 variants;
  • The front profile of the trigger guard has been modified and a knurled support has been added to the index finger rest;
  • The front profile of the handle has been modified:
  • Chromed barrel bore to increase corrosion resistance.

Surely the Beretta F92 replica for Softair it is one of the most requested and appreciated weapons both for its functionality and for its aesthetic aspect. There are many proposals for Softair guns from the main brands and among them ASG weapons running on CO2 gas there is the Beretta F92.

How the Beretta F92 for Softair is made

There Beretta F92 airsoft pistol it is a fixed barrel with CO2 fuel supply and of the WG brand. It is really a beautiful replica with black color ABS body and internal metal parts.

The Beretta F92 has a fixed non blowback slide and is powered by pressurized CO2 capsules. It is a single-shot weapon with semi-automatic operation and is used with 6mm pellets. This pistol has a hop up and removable magazine with a capacity of 20 rounds and shoots up to 30-40 meters. The dimensions include a length of 220 mm and a weight of 840 grams.

There Beretta F92 for Airsoft it is perfect as a CO2 and fixed barrel secondary weapon and in its price range it represents a top of the range suitable for those looking for the maximum even in a low budget product, even if with excellent performance.

Between advantages of the Beretta F92 there are light weight and small size, which make it convenient to carry and space-saving. This is the weapon suitable for the softgunner who needs prompt action, even when the main weapon jams. In this way you can make Airsoft actions and battles exciting and remain impressed in the minds of your opponents.

Although this is cheap Beretta airsoft pistol it offers a good dose of power with CO2 shooting and for this reason it is appreciated by both the expert softgunner and the amateur player.

Technical characteristics of the Beretta F92 pistol

There Beretta F92 it is presented to the end customer with an ABS body and all internal parts in metal. The operation is with CO2 gas and the 6mm caliber. The weapon fires single shot with semi-automatic operation and adjustable hop up and mounts a removable 20 pellet magazine for a shooting distance of 30-40 meters.

There Beretta F92 weighs 840 grams and is 22 cm long black in color and the package includes 100 pellets of 0.20 grams perfect for the battle of Airsoft. Find out first hand the effectiveness and functionality of Beretta airsoft pistol and buy it online at the best price on websites specializing in Airsoft weapons and equipment.

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