The airsoft weaponsASG (aka Air Soft Gun) fire i dotsalso more commonly called BB (from the English Ball Bearing, the translation is ball bearing. Le ASG they are nothing but replicas of real firearms. In Paintball colored gelatin capsules are used, so when an opponent is hit it is possible to recognize one’s hit thanks to the coloring substance. In airsoft, on the other hand, these pellets are used, usually made of plastic or biodegradable material, so the loyalty of the opponent is necessary in declaring when one has been hit. THE airsoft pellets of course they have the spherical shapefrom the point of view of ballistic performance or in the aerodynamic factor is of little result, their weight is light and the weapons have a low power, this means that the trajectory of the pellet can be modified by various factors such as wind, humidity in the air and many others. The maximum range a pellet can reachthanks also to the innovative system of Hop Upit’s about 40 meters. The Hop Up system is a mechanism that increases the range of the shot without changing the power of the weapon. This system also increases the accuracy, flight stability and flight duration of the pellet. The operation is quite simple: it is an adjustable rubber that fits inside the barrel, through a regulator present on the ASG (Air Soft Gun). During the shot, the pellet meets the rubber that gives it a speed that allows it to perform better. The pellets, if they were to hit bare skin (at a distance of about 30 meters) are almost harmless, while if the pellet is fired from a close distance it can do a lot. (We advise not to try the “effects” that can be obtained) For this reason, airsoft players, also called softgunners, dress completely in professional camouflage uniforms and clothing, protections such as helmets, goggles and gloves, without leaving any skin uncovered. To prevent someone from getting hurt, it is highly discouraged to fire on an opponent if he is less than 5 meters away.

What are the pellet materials?

Airsoft pellets are mainly made of three different materials:
– Plastic material. This type of pellets are the cheapest, they are commercially available in various colors, from the most classic to the most extravagant ones. Being a plastic material, the times of degradation in the environment are quite long, several years.
Environmentally friendly or inert material. This type of pellets, on the other hand, are made with materials that do not undergo the degradation process and that do not pollute the environment. Until a few years ago these types of pellets could be found on the market in the classic colors (black, green or brown), now it is no longer permitted, because the law forbids their use and the pellets must be brightly coloured, clearly visible and do not blend in with the ground.
Biodegradable material. This type of pellets have a higher price than the plastic ones, they are commercially available only in white color. Their main feature is that they are biodegradable, so in a short time, they degrade completely without leaving any traces and without releasing any harmful substances into the environment. They are composed of 100% natural materials which degrade in contact with atmospheric agents, in compliance with the laws and above all with the environment. Initially this type of pellets had various contraindications, due to the material, they were rather fragile and therefore they were prone to breakage or malfunctions. The manufacturers of airsoft pellets have made great strides and are now the best-selling and best-performing pellets. Biodegradable pellets are currently the best solution, let’s see what the future holds for us.

What size are the pellets?

The pellets have a spherical shape and their caliber is usually 6 millimeters. The caliber of the barrels varies between 6.04 and 6.02 mm. To prevent the pellet from jamming, the precision of the caliber of the various pellets and the perfect roundness are essential. Our advice is to use pellets from recognized and reliable brands, such as Js-Tactical, G&G Armament, VFC VegaForceCompany, Royal, Swiss Arms, Umarex, ICS, Nitro pellets. At Armi Antiche San Marino you will find the best airsoft pellets at the best price. Discover our catalogue.
In the various packs, the tolerance margin of the various pellets is usually also foreseen, the lower the value, the higher the quality of the pellet. A pellet with a slightly higher caliber than indicated can also cause your gun to jam.

The weight of the shot is HOW MUCH DO THE BALLS WEIGH?variable, and has a rather wide range, from about 0.12 gr up to 0.40 gr.
As previously mentioned, the performance of a pellet is also determined by its weight, therefore 0.12 pellets have less use as they are very light and rather inaccurate. The most used pellets in the airsoft field are undoubtedly 0.23, 0.25, 0.28 pellets. There are also pellets on the market with a greater weight but little used, as they are rather “heavy” and therefore have a shorter range.

Latest tips on pellets

– We advise not to reuse pellets that have already been fired previously, as any imperfections due to dents could snag the magazine of your weapon.
– We recommend avoiding contact with the pellets before inserting them into the magazine, as the surface of the pellet is covered with oily, silicone-based lubricants which allow it to slide more smoothly inside the barrel. Touching the pellets with your hand means removing or decreasing the lubrication of the pellet, therefore you risk compromising its performance.
– We advise not to use biodegradable pellets loaded from bags that have been opened for who knows how long, as, being biodegradable, they may have started the degradation process and even if imperceptible, they may have lost their enamel, their sphericity or may be slightly deformed, this could cause, as already repeated several times, the jamming of your weapon.

Now that we have explained to you the various differences and main characteristics of airsoft pelletsyou just have to start choosing the dots that are most congenial to your game mode.

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