There is always going to be a weapon that you fall back on whenever it seems that all hope is lost. When you are on the Airsoft battlefield, this weapon is going to be the Classic Army M203 Airsoft Grenade Launcher. You have a few different options as far as this grenade launcher is concerned, and it is going to be necessary for you to pick up additional items that work along with it. Here is a little bit about the M203 grenade launcher and how you can use it to dominate your next game.

The Different Sizes Available

This particular item comes in both a short and a long version. The long version really only adds a few inches, but some people prefer it for a variety of different reasons. Most of these items are compatible with a number of different rifles, including the popular M4 and M16. Whenever you are purchasing one, you’re going to need to make sure that it is compatible with the rifle that you intend to use on the field.

Additional Items You May Need

The Classic Army M203 Airsoft Grenade Launcher also comes separately from the 40 mm grenade that it is going to use as well.You can choose from several different 40 mm grenade shells, but you should make sure that you check compatibility before purchasing these items. These grenades usually hold up to 165 Airsoft BBs, enough to give anybody a shower that they won’t soon forget. They are filled with green gas but you can purchase the c02 adapter and use c02 gas for a much louder report and more realistic battlefield action!

Other Specifications

The action on the Classic Army M203 Airsoft Grenade Launcher is smooth, and they are extremely easy to load. Most people like to carry several grenades, or at least a minimum of two grenades onto the field with them. This gives you the opportunity to fire off a few rounds without having to worry about reloading them with BBs and gas.

How Heavy Is It?

The weight of the launcher is minimal, but it is going to add a little bit more than 3 pounds to your overall packing weight. Although it is not the least expensive item that you are going to have with you, being about $150, it is something that most people find to be a necessary item whenever they are in the thick of battle. After all, there is nothing quite like a shower of over 100 BBs flying through the air to send the competition running.

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