We have already explained in other articles what a mosfets in electric ASGs, this can be present in both pistols and airsoft rifles and machine guns. The mosfets belongs to the family of semiconductors and is a particular field effect component that uses metal oxides and other elements for its operation, has a use similar to that of a better known transistor but has characteristics that make it more suitable for certain applications of current switching thanks to its low closing resistance (called RdOn). If you want to know more about these components you will find some other technical article in this blog, if you just need to know that some ASG is present and have some useful info for choosing your next softgun, then it may be enough to read this article.

Airsoft electric rifle, with or without Mosfet?

As you will notice, some electric submachine guns have a reference to this component in their datasheet. The mosfets it is not essential for the functioning of an electric ASG but it improves its reliability and in some cases it helps to implement the pistol or the machine gun with special functions.

In all electric airsoft weapons there is obviously a trigger that is used to “fire”, for newbies we remind you that softguns shoot only harmless pellets, these pellets are usually made of ceramic or other plastic or biodegradable material, they usually have a diameter of 6 mm and in the airsoft game the power of pistols, rifles and machine guns must be less than 1 Joule. The only essential precaution is eye protection. When playing airsoft you must wear ballistic goggles, they are simple goggles that protect (precisely) your eyes and those of the other players. They are cheap and are essential.

Back to ours trigger, this (if the safety is deactivated) allows you to start an electric motor connected to a dynamic switch which puts it in contact with a battery pack. A second switch is mounted on the gear-box (we have also specifically talked about this in other technical articles that you can find on this blog) and has its own function. In any case, the firing of the pellet is initially triggered by the trigger switch which has a onerous task, that of switching the voltage and current of an inductive load such as an electric motor.

The mosfets it can help the switch by taking charge (it is appropriate to say it) of piloting the electric motor, being a solid-state component, it has no dynamic moving parts and is not subject to wear, moreover, it allows the use of other specific and sophisticated elements electronic devices such as forms AND YOU which implement the weapon with special advanced functions of both control and diagnostics.

Said this, Is an airsoft electric gun better, with or without a Mosfet? The presence of a mosfets is always recommended but not essential, moreover this component can be mounted quite easily even at a later time, since usually airsoft rifles or submachine guns without mosfets they cost a little less (except for special offers) you could opt to buy one without this accessory and mount it later, perhaps together with a module AND YOU which allows you to customize the burst firing mode.

If you want to get an idea of ​​how many Mosfets and ETUs exist for handguns and airsoft rifles take a look at this section of the online catalogue

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