The Airsoft is a military battle simulation game that requires certain equipment, including tactical amphibians. Choosing a suitable pair of amphibians is essential to ensure foot protection and maximum comfort during long hours of play. Let’s see what they are best tactical amphibians for Airsoft and how to choose the right pair.

Materials of the best tactical amphibians for Airsoft

The choice of the amphibian must favor footwear that is comfortable to wear and does not damage the foot, paying attention to the materials and the presence of the non-slip sole. THE best tactical amphibians for Airsoft are made of leather or Goretex. In the first case, leather is the classic material, which adapts to the shape of the foot and resists over time.

However, it is a product that needs to be treated with waterproofing agents to make the shoe water resistant. The case of Goretex is different, a resistant, light and waterproof material. A pair of Goretex combat boots are a technical item of clothing, while the leather product is also suitable for a sporty and casual look.

Types of amphibians for Softair on the market

There are different types of military amphibians, which include desert amphibians, jungle amphibians and parade amphibians. Let’s see in detail the characteristics of each of them.

Desert amphibians

Desert amphibians are the footwear used by the military and by those who practice Softair on the sand, with which they blend in. Suitable for summer or for the hottest days, they ensure perfect breathability for the foot and are made with sturdy materials.

Jungle boots

Jungle boots are the perfect shoe for fights that take place on rough terrain and are characterized by a high sole for perfect adherence to the ground. The color is camouflage, ideal for battles in different types of environments.

Parade amphibians

The tactical parade boots are the most elegant, made of black leather and are considered more like work shoes than war shoes. For this reason they are not only worn by Softgunners, but also by those looking for a military look in the city.

What to consider when buying the new amphibians for Softair?

Certainly, at the time of purchase, it is important to keep in mind the characteristics of the sole and choose a shoe of the right size. The advice is to wear a pair of large military boots and half a size larger to wear them even with heavy socks.

Furthermore, another important aspect to consider when choosing airsoft amphibians is their wearability. It is essential that the shoe fits snugly on the foot, without being too tight or too loose. This will ensure greater comfort during physical activity and greater stability during movement and shooting phases.

Furthermore, airsoft amphibians must have good resistance to abrasion, impact and bad weather. This is because during play sessions, the terrain can be uneven and rugged, with many rough and uneven surfaces. Furthermore, the weather can be inclement, with rain, wind and cold that can put a strain on the shoe.

Finally, it is important to underline the importance of choosing airsoft boots that comply with industry safety and regulatory standards. This means that combat boots must be designed and manufactured according to the safety standards required by law, with particular attention to foot protection and the prevention of any injuries during the game.

In summary, choosing the right amphibians for airsoft is a crucial aspect to ensure maximum comfort, maximum stability and maximum safety during game sessions. Choose quality materials, a good fit, good resistance and compliance with safety standards are all factors to consider to make the right choice.

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