The Blackviper BB gun is an mid ranged spring loaded BB Gun. It has a high power for its price range of 0.4joule. It is capable of propelling a BB up to 315 foot per second which again, is pretty fast for a spring loaded BB pistol. This give’s the gun an effective range of around 40 metres. Its magazine is constructed using the BAXS system and it is capable of storing up to 12 BBs in the clip at any time. This upper part of the gun is clear plastic, making it legal for the UK. The gun itself is packaged with 100 BBs to get you started.


First things first, this gun is and excellent choice for the very reasonable £24.99 asking price. It is fairly weighty and feels solid in your hand. This gun is also incredibly accurate up to about 30M. Although it can fire up to 40M, its accuracy starts to drop over 30m. This makes it ideal for short range target practice, even indoor use with the correct gear. Also, the gun is more powerful than most BB guns in its range. It is capable of shooting through thin plastic such as a CD case. I recommend using 0.20g BBs with this gun. It is powerful enough to fire them will and it makes a large difference in both range and power.

This gun requires cocking for every shot as it is spring loaded. The cocking mechanism is a slight harder than other’s of this level, this is what provides the gun’s unusual power. Most people will be able to cock this not problem, although very few people may struggle.


On the negative side, the gun has been known to jam. Although I have never experienced this, others have mentioned and I thought it’s only fair to say. I feel this may be caused by using cheap BBs. I use high quality polished BBs and that helps immensely keeping my guns in good working order. Also, when you remove a magazine that is not fully depleted, it does eject a few BBs separate every time. There is no way to avoid this other than emptying the magazine every time.

By airsoft