We don’t often talk about revolvers for airsoft but this one produced by WG extension deserves our attention. First of all we tell you that the price is very competitive, then go and see the economic offer on the airsoft online store, now let’s talk about how this is done 6″ full metal revolver by WG.

It is an impressive softgun, in fact it measures approx 290mm, one of the longest “pistols” on the market. Beautiful, powerful, made entirely of metal (except the grip scales which are in ABS with non-slip texture). There 6″ barrel allows precision and power, especially in combination with a Co2. It can be as perfect as secondary assault weaponperfect for scenography in the theater and also for collection. However, it is a powerful airsoft pistol and is very special thanks to the rotating drum!

The drum holds 6 shells, each of which contains a 6 mm diameter BBs. Shoot then 6 shots in semi-auto mode, it is not a burst pistol but a pistol excellent as a second equipment (perhaps in combination with a good machine gun or airsoft rifle). It has hop-upsof accommodation for the Co2 capsule inside the calcium, has 2 standard sledges weaver for mounting accessories such as optics, red-dot, laser or flashlight. Thanks to long barrel this revolver can also be used for target shooting; the shooting distance is about 30-40 meters. Its mass? just over 800 grams.

At the time of this writing, the revolver is complete with 6 shells, 2 metal slides, accessory for fast loading of shells, instruction booklet and a pack with 100 6 mm pellets with a mass of 0.20 grams. Let’s remember the article code that is C 702B

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Technical data sheet airsoft revolver C703 by WG

  • Brand: WG
  • Model: C703
  • Material: full metal
  • Color: Black, Brown
  • Power supply: Co2 capsule
  • Operation: drum
  • Magazine capacity: 6 shells, 6 rounds
  • Revolver Length: 290mm
  • Barrel length: 6 inches
  • Weight: 814 grams
  • Shooting distance: 30-40 meters

By airsoft