Airsoft games have quickly become popular because of the fact that they resemble actual military operations and the weapon itself is very realistic (replica), the only difference between airsoft guns and real guns is the yellow or red muzzle at the tip of the barrel. In many states it is illegal to remove this tip because of low enforcement officers will not be able to tell the difference between the replica and the real thing. Let’s take a look at some of the game styles that have been developed by airsoft aficionados.

Closed Quarter Battle

Style is also referred to as CQB, as the name implies it is played in a closed environment in order to create high-speed action between the players, this game style requires the terrain should be modified in order to provide optimal conditions with several apertures, hiding places, tunnels, doorways, stairways and such. This type of environment is often re-created in one-person shooter video games such as Half Life and F.E.A.R.


This is the most popular method of playing airsoft, won’t this game style does not require hard-core gamers it is recommended that players should have some sort of prior experience. Skirmishing can also be referred to as freestyle because players can use their weapon of choice and the gear and tactics used may differ from actual battle scenarios.

Airsoft Combat Training

Because this style has been specifically used by law enforcement agencies it can’t be considered a game, SWAT and police officers prefer to use airsoft guns during this type of training as because they resemble the look and feel of the real guns and because of the low impact projectiles they can safely train and simulate very realistic scenarios where they might have to get physical, these include airplanes, schools, public places, etc.

Military simulation

As the name implies this style has been created to resemble a real military simulation where workgroups of soldiers or organized and given missions that they must complete. Unlike any other style already mentioned a military simulation may last several days and the participants in this simulation can use short range radios and headsets.

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