HI! If you are also looking for a way to improve the performance of your electric rifle do not miss this article in which we suggest 3 modifications you can make to your electric ASG to increase its performance. In the past we have already published technical articles that talk about the subject of tuning guns and rifles (or airsoft tuning) but some prefer to avoid reading in-depth technical explanations and get straight to the point by reading WHAT to do to increase performance.

We note that in this case, when we talk about performance we are referring to electric gun power, therefore at the speed with which the pellet (the classic 6 mm diameter BBs) is projected out of the rifle itself. For completeness of information we recall once again that the game of airsoft is regulated by precise indications and power limitsnot knowing what basic power your electric gun has, it is still impossible for us to know whether or not it would be in order after the modifications, certainly however, if the power of your ASG is already close to 1 Joule, you would have problems with any regulation after having increased its power.

Now let’s talk on a technical level and let’s say immediately what are the 3 modifications you could make to improve the performance of your electric gun!

First edit

Replace the spring in the air unit with one with a higher load. For example, if your speargun has a 90m/s spring you can replace it with an oversized spring (for example FPS brand) with a force of 100m/s or 110m/s

Second modification

Replace the piston of the air unit with one with superior characteristics, for example, you could use a reinforced and precision piston of the brand FPS, Big Dragon, SHS, Royal, Modify, ARES, D-Boys or other brand, as you can see there are many .

Third modification

More than a modification, this is an ammunition change. It uses pellets (always the classic 6mm BBs) with a slightly higher mass than those currently used. Many players use the most common 0.20 gram pellets but if you use another type, for example 0.25 gram pellets, switch to the 0.30 gram pellets or even (if you have greatly increased the spring force) to those from 0.36 grams.

With these 3 changes, which are quite simple to implement and which you can afford with a reasonable expense, you will have an electric gun that will have the same burst frequency but with greater power. The modification to the air group (in this case reinforced spring and special piston) will allow for greater acceleration to the pellet, the use of pellets with greater mass will allow to exploit this thrust to have greater final power of the shot and greater accuracy and range useful.

Also remember to adjust the hop-up system on your rifle (if it has this accessory) after changing bullet mass, you will have maximum accuracy. Remember to always protect your eyes with ballistic goggles when using any ASG.

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