In these days we have talked several times about high end airsoft guns and we also did it with branded items Vorsk. Even today we want to bring to your attention this “small cannon”, a very imposing side gun, also due to the presence of the silencer which brings the maximum length of this softgun to well 342mm (length at maximum extension). It is therefore a voluminous pistol which – especially in the silver color – has a strong aesthetic impact. As we will see in a moment, this model is available in different colors but first let’s take a look at the main technical characteristics:

It’s about a replica for airsoft model 1911 VX-14 Requiem Edition working at gas and equipped with a silencer. It’s a effect pistol blowbacktherefore blowback, has a CNC machined metal trolley, has a standard 20 mm barrel slide for mounting accessories such as lasers or LED torches, it has a barrel length that ranges from 113 to 231mm with an internal barrel diameter of 6.03mm. Shoot in single shot mode – safe. Other features are the slide with green fiber optic sight, the adjustable hop-up system“1911” profiled slide and trigger guard, Hi-Capa magazine and threaded barrel.

The manufacturer’s description reads “The VX-14 is a GBB airsoft pistol that combines features usually found on Hi-Capa and 1911/MEU airsoft replicas. Half-length rail and curved trigger guard taken from the 1911/MEU models ensure compatibility with the 1911 holster, while offering a slightly more “traditional” look than the bolder Hi-Capa series

Aesthetically, as mentioned, it is a bulky gun, the side profile is greater than the standard 1911/MEU models. The 6.03mm Narrow Barrel Extendable Suppressor Kit also contributes to the imposing appearance, plus this accessory is capable of providing a small increase in pellet velocity and range. The blowback effect of this airsoft gun is very realisticthe grip is secure thanks to the non-slip processing of the handle with a wavy “V” motif (also found on the Mag-Release button).

Now let’s see what they are article codes for the various colors and what the links of the airsoft online shop having to be able to immediately buy these beautiful guns:

Color silver

Item number VGP-02-84

Color black

Item number VGP-02-77

Color brushed aluminum and black

Item number VGP-02-81

The package includes

  • VX-14 airsoft replica
  • Black STD Gas Magazine – VGM-02-01
  • Barrel extender and suppressor
  • LP gas nozzle (for extension kit)
  • Co2 conversion kit (nozzle + spring)
  • Instruction manual
  • Exploded parts diagram
  • Vorsk PVC patch

Magazines Compatible with 1911 VX-14 Requiem Edition Gas Airsoft Pistol with Silencer – Vorsk

  • VGM-02-01 – BLACK – 23R Hi-Capa Gas Magazine
  • VGM-02-02 – BLACK – 23R Hi-Capa CO2 Magazine
  • VGM-02-04 – BLACK – 48R Extended Gas Magazine

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